Socio-Economic Empowerment

Socio-economic empowerment has been seen as a great factor to all levels of the society to boost the development. The government has institutionalized policies, laws reinforcing the power of females and males. Despite all efforts made to leverage the socio-economic level of the population, there are some gaps to fill so that youths and women can be empowered to firmly face the present situation characterized by a high rate of umployment and competition. RDSO intends to cope with this situation by developping the following programs:


  •  Working with young people grouped in community forums.
  •  Engaging families’ members to attend “Akagoroba k’ababyeyi” (parents evening meeting).
  •  Promoting cultural activities in the area of operation.
  •  Creating forums for social conflict resolution.
  •  Training youth, women, people with disability on saving and credits, business management, financial education and languages.
  •  Supporting poor families with human security issues.