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Relief and Development Support Organization (RDSO) is a Non-Governmental Organization created on 12th December 2021 and recognized by RGB under No 1085/RGB/NGO/OC/08/2022. The certificate was issued to operate in the Eastern Province, Kayonza District, in Mukarange sector with its Head office in Kayonza town, and can scale up its operations in any other districts. Further to the SDGs, our country's vision 2050 and the community needs assessment conducted, RDSO realized that it was important for the members and partners to join hands in finding sustainable solutions for development.


To be a leading organization in contributing to poverty alleviation and development through socio-economic and transformative approaches in the region.


Relief and Development Support Organization aims at improving the living conditions of youth and families through poverty alleviation.

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Socio-Economic Empowerment

Food Security

Health and Nutrition

Protection of the Environment


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